Reverse Engineering

This customer called looking for an upgraded, more precise control of an industrial oven than what they currently had. They sent us the original schematic design of the process they currently had. Off the original schematics we were able to reverse engineer the process and spec’d out a new type of process controller, SCR heater controller, and additional safety features to meet their new specifications.

Timely and Accurate Engineering

From initial consultation to delivering the finished specifications and design, B&B Assemblies delivered on-time, under-budget, and full-featured with no errors, no revisions, and no second draft needed.

Days to Complete Panel

Days to Complete Design

Percentage Complete in Two Days

Unmatched Industry Experience

Reverse Engineering That Becomes Profitable

Our complete industry experience allowed us to design, build, and program this project for the customer in two days to complete satisfaction and specifications - all the while being under-budget. Contact us for a quote on your project today!

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Budget-Friendly and Time-Sensitive

Delays Cost You Money - We Deliver On-Time!

Not only did this customer need the panel engineered, they needed a finished product built, programmed, and tested within 48 hours. We beat that deadline and delivered a complete product to them with time to spare.

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