OEM Assembly

This OEM manufacturer had their own panel building team that manufactured a variety of panels. Eventually, they could not keep up with the orders for one of the panel lines and they looked to outsource. When they contacted us, they needed their time frames to be met and for the pricing to stay consistent. We established consistent pricing and panels for them. Based on their requests, we were ultimately manufacturing 5-10 panels for them each week.

No Time to Waste

The OEM manufacturer was struggling to reach demands for one of their panel lines. With less than 24 hours notice, we were able to build the first panel for them. Now, we are manufacturing up to 10 panels each week.

Days from P.O To First Panel

Hours to Build First Panel

Panels Built Per Week

Smart Engineering, Fast Turnaround

You Don't Have Time to Waste, So We Get Right to Work

Not only did this customer need the panel engineered, they needed a finished product built, programmed, and tested within 48 hours - we beat that deadline and delivered a complete product to them with time to spare.

From Purchase Order to Delivery

Reliability From Start to Finish.

Within just 24 hours, we had completed the first panel, and within one week the panel had been delivered to this OEM’s customer. We ensured that each step, from the purchase order to the final customer delivery, was seamless and efficient.



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